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Milk Power Pedas

2 Cups milk powder 125 grams unsalted butter 250 grams sweetened condensed milk 1 drop yellow food color Pista flakes for garnishing Mix well all the above ingredients. Microwave at high temperature for 2 minutes. Take it out, mix and microwave for 3 minutes more. Cool and make pedas. Garnish with pista flakes. By Divya Saxena

Gunjia ( for 10 big Gunjia)

ngredients For pastry: 2 cups maida A pinch of salt 25 ml. olive oil For filling: 150 gm. Khoya ( we used khoye ke barfi and crushed it) 100 gm. sugar, adjust to taste 25 gm. cashew nuts, chopped 25 gm. pistachios For syrup: 1 cups sugar 1/2 cup water Oil to deep fry Instructions Making the filling: Crumble khoya and add all other ingredients to it. Mix well. Making dough: Rub oil & salt into the flour. Add water and make a medium firm dough Keep aside covered for 1/2 hour Making Gunjias: Divide dough into2 inch diameter balls and make small rotis. Moisten the edge of half the circle with flour-water mix. Spoon in 2 tea-spoons of the filling mix in the center and fold the roti over the filling. Seal the edges by pressing. Frying Gunjias: Heat the oil to medium hot. Fry 2 gunjias at a time, until golden brown in color, but not dark brown. Sugar coating the Gunjias Make sugar syrup of 2 wire consistency by boiling the sugar and water. Keep it warm on minimum heat. Immediately after frying, lift the gunjias out of the oil and put them in the syrup. Turn over quickly, to coat all sides, take out and cool on a plate. Enjoy! Happy Holi! By Anu Gaba


Ingredients All-purpose flour  White sugar  Whole milk Ricotta Cheese - works likes Khoya  Raisin (gold color and small size) - also called as kismis Shredded coconut (should be dry) Chironji (seeds of Buchanania lanzan) Ginger powder Dry dates (Chhohara) Non-roasted cashew nuts Non-roasted pistachios Vegetable oil (Canola oil should be fine) Khoya from Ricotta Cheese  Pour two cup ricotta cheese in a deep fry pot and keep steering until it becomes like Khoya Let it cool down  Gujhiya mix for filling 25 Gujhiya Put all above ingredients except flour - Half cup white sugar - Two Cup khoya - Each nut from list above - 100 gm - One tea spoon ginger powder Mix this very well, this becomes Gujhiya mix Dough for 25 Gujhiya One cup all-purpose will need two table spoon vegetable oil and mix it well Add half cup cold water and make dough like you make dough for puris Keep dough for 30 minutes in fridge, this will make dough softer and ready to make Gujhiya Take a good chunk of dough; roll it down using rolling pin until it becomes big but very thin raw roti (chapati) Take a steel glass and cut circular pieces from big roti  Take circular piece that you cut by steel glass and place it in Gujhiya maker and fill it with one table spoon Gujhiya mix Press Gujhiya maker hard to stick dough together encapsulating the mix inside Gujhiya Make all Gujhiya at once before frying them in oil - keep raw Gujhiya covered with towel so they don’t get dry Deep fry Gujhiya in hot vegetable oil until they turn gold color They are ready to serve
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